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It’s a slogan one of my favorite interior designers, Shea McGee, uses to convey her heart for beautiful spaces. You can read her story here. I especially like this part: ‘Make Life Beautiful’ has been our mantra as we struggled to make lemonade from a lemon of a year.

Let’s talk about that.

How can I make life truly beautiful—even if all I seem to have is a handful of lemons?

Here is the list I wrote to remind myself today…

serve others

I am never more content than when I am endeavoring to make life beautiful for others. If I slow down long enough to look and listen with my heart, if I count it a privilege to serve my family and friends, strangers and even my enemies by meeting discerned needs, I am making life beautiful.

create good things

I am made in the image of the Creator; therefore, I am creative. I might not feel creative, but I am. I am creative when I add a vase of fresh flowers to my dining room table. I am creative when I organize my linen closet. I am creative when I make my bed and arrange the pillows a different way. I am creative when I take time to express myself in a letter. I am creative when I read a storybook aloud with my own inflection to my grandchildren. I am creative when I thoughtfully frame a picture before I snap it. I am creative when I carefully choose my words. I am always creating—either chaos or beauty. It is my choice to create good things and make life beautiful.

choose gratefulness

If my sister was writing this she would tell you about a book my mom gave her for Christmas one year that changed her life. Life-changing, you say? “I need that book.” I am happy to tell you that you probably already own one just like it because the “book” was a blank journal with a note inside that encouraged her to list things she is grateful for. If you have a blank journal or just a package of notebook paper, you can begin the journey to making life beautiful through a transformed attitude by seeing and appreciating how beautiful life already is. Here’s a little inspiration: Choosing Gratitude

be an encourager

Never underestimate the power of encouragement. In this outrageously negative, competitive age people need more than ever to be encouraged. They need safe people who are willing to speak truth into their lives. People who do not withhold praise for others because of their own insecurities but are willing to sincerely (without flattery) point out the beauty or potential for beauty they see in others’ lives are those who are making life beautiful through their own.

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