I am always looking for quick and tasty breakfast ideas that will satiate my appetite and fit my current way of eating—high healthy fat, moderate protein, low carb—which has done wonders for lowering my triglycerides and liver enzymes. So today I tried a recipe shared by Kristie Honeycutt Sullivan that she calls Faux-gurt.

If you eat dairy and like the texture of yogurt but dislike the high carb count that often comes with it, you might be interested in trying it too. I suppose you could use light sour cream to cut the fat grams by almost half if you’re wigged out by the high-fat content. I used to think low-fat was a better choice until I realized low-fat foods are so often filled with sugary carbs, and it’s high-good-fat foods that, with little to no effort on my part, keep me from snacking between meals.

24g fat | 4g protein | 4g carbohydrates | 250 calories

Mix together 1/2 cup of full-fat sour cream with your choice of sweetener [I like 1 drop of sucralose or stevia to taste] and a few small blueberries (4 or 5) or other berries. And because I think everything needs a little vanilla, I also added a dash of that too. It doesn’t seem like much, but I’m pretty sure you will find it will carry you until lunch time.

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Notes from my study of John Snyder’s Behold Your GodRethinking God Biblically 

How well do you know God?

Do you want to know Him more?

I do!

I used to think an intense study of His Word the ultimate key to knowing Him. Or that I would finally get to know him by signing up for one more Bible study offered at my church. Or if I attended church regularly and hung around more seasoned Christians and listened to the sermon carefully, I would surely know him better.

These are all important disciplines, but, honestly, these activities are not enough. They may help me know about God, but that is different than knowing Him.

Knowing Him requires revelation.

Revelation comes from God Himself

So who does God continually and progressively reveal Himself to, and do I qualify?

His Word tells me this:

He delights to reveal himself to 4 kinds of people

  1. Those who fear (or reverence) Him—those who believe His ways are perfect and purpose to make Him not only Savior but Lord of their lives—Psalm 25:14
  2. The pure in heart—those whose ultimate goal is one thing: to worship and serve Him (not self) by the way they live their lives—Matthew 5:8
  3. The childlike—those who know their great need for Him and are totally dependent on His promised grace to live their lives in fulfillment of that goal—Matthew 11:25-28a
  4. The obedient—those who, in faith, obey what He has shown them to do, even when the enemy of their soul says, “really?” (Genesis 3:1)—John 14:21

I ask myself, Self, are you satisfied with the revelation of God that you have right now? 

Is He able to reveal Himself to you in the ways He longs to?

Is your heart seeking to know Him, or are you seeking Him to advance your own agenda?

In other words, are you seeking Him as a means to be “relieved of your emptiness” or loneliness or to “fix your family” or to give you the house you’ve always wanted or to put notches in your good works belt or even to “find your significance or purpose in Him”?

Or are you willing to forget self completely in your pursuit to know Him and make Him known? 

When I answer honestly, I confess there is a lot of “me” blocking the way of seeing and knowing Him as I long to. I, being lured by the promises of the World and not His own, have begun to grow cataracts over my spiritual eyes.

So I ask God to make me more like those He delights to reveal Himself to.

And, because I’ve admitted my need and taken Him at His Word when He says He DELIGHTS to reveal Himself not to perfect people but to those whose heart is blameless towards Him (2 Chronicles 16:9), I believe His promise to me that He will do it (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

and now I have to let Him…

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It seems quiet here. The sun is not quite up yet.

My husband and daughter have packed tools and briefcase and left me—alone—with the day.

And I think to myself: Sometimes it’s easier to have your day ordered for you by the clatter of the obvious than to be faithful in shadow’s hush.

Squinting my ears, I hear the hum of the air conditioner as it labors in steady, untiring service.

So often, like the gift of the shell that sits on my shelf, gorged with hidden sound of ocean’s roar, it goes unnoticed.

And I wonder who ever first discovered the magic fullness hidden in languishing, emptied shells.

My life is full of sounds like that—people—beauty—gifts

Unheard. Unappreciated.

I seem to never notice until they stop

Doing. Giving. Being.

And I hear the Spirit of my Creator ask me,

Self, are you willing to be like that shell—emptied of the animal that resides within and filled to the brim with the unseen sound of the ocean? 

Are you willing to labor faithfully in hidden solitude until God knows it’s time for someone to pick you up and listen?

And I answer, Teach me to be willing, Lord.

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That’s how many days passed between my father’s diagnosis and the day he left this earth. He had more time than many who hear the words “it’s pancreatic cancer.”

We may have grieved the short time he had left, but I don’t ever recall any betrayal of regret or anxiousness on his part because, you see,

His days on earth may have been numbered, but long before the diagnosis, the Lord had been teaching him to number his days.

Do you ever try to imagine how long you will live and what that will feel like? I do.

I think about how old I will be if I live another 10, 20, 30 years, but the idea of how long the time between now and then will feel always eludes me.

How long or short does 10 or 20 or 30 years in real time feel?

It’s a question I ask myself a lot. And one I don’t have the answer to.

It’s not easy to determine how long life feels when you’re busy living it.

One thing I do know; unless I live to be well over 100, no matter how I crunch the numbers, I always get the same answer:

days left on earth < days lived on earth.

It’s a sobering thought.

But that isn’t the lesson God taught my dad or wants to teach me—the mere counting up and weighing of days.

He wants me to think not so much about how many days I have left but about how I am using my today!

That’s a sobering thought too.

How do I begin to know how to use this day before me?

The Psalmist asked God to teach us to number our days so we can present to God a heart of wisdom.

True wisdom is this: “Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts…”

My dad was given 30,079 todays with one year, six months and three days of knowing that his life on earth would soon be over.

Even then, he didn’t know the exact number of days he would have; he only knew he had the day he was living, and that was enough.

So I ask myself, “Self, is that enough for you?”

And because I know this creator and and maker and grantor of days—that His ways are perfect—I ask Him to give me ears to hear His voice and a heart to receive and obey with wisdom and grace the day He has planned for me and for those He longs to love through me in it.

This day…

See Psalm 90:12; ; Psalm 95:7 Hebrews 3:15
Note: the redbud tree pictured was planted by my dad before he passed away—a memorial that graces the walk up to the house on Markland
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teach 2

With school starting this month, I thought it would be fun to share this throwback post that was a originally written in January of 2008 when I first became an empty-nester. I can hardly believe it’s been almost 9 years:

Monday I did something I haven’t done for almost 30 years…I threw my glasses and a notebook in my purse and drove the 12 minute drive to the local community college where I attended my first National Government class of winter term.

I can already tell this will not be a routine memorization of statistics and facts sort of course but one full of dynamic, thought-provoking discussion.

The professor came highly recommended by my oldest and youngest daughters, who, when dual-enrolled, collectively, took several classes taught by him…. I would have been perfectly content to have just audited the class, but they insisted I sit for the exams.

“It’ll be good for you,” they said.

I suppose they expect me to get an “A” too….hmmmm it’s tough feeling like you have to live up to your children’s reputations.

When I went to register, the class was full, but I was told I could call the prof to ask if he would let me in.

“This is beginning to be a pain,” I said to Leah.

“It’s part of it; it’s good for you,” she said.

Good thing I had connections (thanks Jenna and Leah); he did let me in.

After he signed a permission card, I had to go back to the registrar’s office where I was told there was a block on my registration because they had no record of my ever having taken English 1101…

ha ha ha ha ha…

I have a BA in English….

Of course, my English professors would probably take back my degree if they ever read this blog and saw my abuse of grammar with all of these “……..’s”

ha ha ha….they didn’t care….they needed proof….

I quickly managed to get a transcript and then made my THIRD trip to the registration office.

I had forgotten what it’s like to have to stand in line FOREVER x 3 to register for classes and to stand in line FOREVER to get into the bookstore to buy your books and to drive around the parking lot FOREVER looking for someone coming out of class to follow as they walk to their car as you stalk them like a vulture to get their parking space while at least 400 other drivers are doing the same!

Anyway…to make a long story just a teeny bit longer…I FINALLY got legally registered and got my book and have been able, so far, to find parking to make it to class on time (a bigger challenge, I think, than making a good grade) I am also the oldest, and quite possibly the dumbest, student in the class….and…

Don’t say it…I know what you’re thinking….

It’ll be so good for me.

Note: For those readers who are wondering, I did manage to make an A. And if you ever want to take an engaging national or international government class—Dr. Kevin Walsh at Broward College—I highly recommend him.
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