Living Proof


Will I trust the God who has brought me to the land of promise to be enough for me through times of severe drought, and will I [because it really is a matter of the will] REJOICE in Him as the God of my salvation, even when the fig tree has not/is not blossoming? 1

This is the question that confronts me daily as I am learning to better know the trustworthiness of my God, not only in the comforting words of promise that He speaks to me in the light, but in the deep shadows of silence that follow as well.

He is always there —in BOTH places.

He speaks the promise; then He silently, graciously, patiently awaits my response.

There is always LIFE longing to break forth through the heap of mess that I am, and if I wait on Him, surrendering my own dead ways —receiving, hoping, rejoicing, and believing, I will see the miracle of all miracles….that death [to self] brings Life, and His Life really is more than enough!

  1. thoughts provoked reading Matthew Henry

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